Post pregnancy weight loss diet plan

Post pregnancy weight loss diet plan

Post pregnancy weight loss diet plan

Five months after the birth - and you're miles away from the pre-baby body? No need to panic: Losing weight after pregnancy takes time. In fact, the 13 kilos or more gained during pregnancy do not go away by themselves. And if you do not want them, the body needs a little fat pad to keep your baby and baby well fed. This is especially true when breastfeeding.

Weight loss after birth
A positive message in advance: Shortly after birth, the newly minted mom is about six pounds lighter. This weight loss results from the weight of the child, along with amniotic fluid, placenta, and blood. The remaining pounds, unfortunately, do not disappear quite so fast.

For the most part, this is because the body has already set up emergency reserves for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a pretty draining affair for a mom. The body ensures that she and the child are supplied with all the important nutrients.
A little tip: Breastfeeding is a real miracle remedy when losing weight after pregnancy. Every day, the mom has an additional calorie requirement of about 400 to 500 kcal. In other words, you can eat normally and gradually lose weight all by yourself. But if you breastfeed, you should not crash diet or starve. Your self and the baby will not be supplied with all nutrients. In addition, the body attacks the fat reserves. In itself perfect, but in the fat cells pollutants are involved. These are released when the body goes to the fat reserves and pass through the breast milk into the body of the baby.
How fast weight loss after pregnancy works is very different from woman to woman. On average, you should expect a good nine months, until you have your old weight again. And even then it may well be that the stomach is not quite as taut as before pregnancy.
Post pregnancy weight loss diet plan

Here are the 7 best tips for losing weight after pregnancy:

1. Do not get stressed
Nobody expects a newborn mom to get rid of all the baby's pills just weeks or months after giving birth. So do not set yourself high goals, look forward to the offspring and enjoy the first months with the baby.

2. Pay attention to regular meals
A baby turns your life upside down. Getting a routine is difficult. Many mums eat very irregularly and above all things that go fast and fill you up. This often means plenty of unnecessary calories. If you want to speed up the weight loss after pregnancy, you should first structure your meals better. You rarely suffer from food cravings when you eat three large and two small meals.
then it may well be that the stomach is not quite as taut as before pregnancy.

3. Cook yourself as often as possible
Ready meals, sweets, cakes or sandwiches: All this goes fast and is therefore eaten by many mums like. However, there are some extra calories in these foods. Make it easier to lose weight after pregnancy and try to cook yourself as often as possible. That's hard because most of the time and energy is missing. Nevertheless, take your time, spice up your partner and then cook fast, simple meals in larger portions that you just have to freeze. Here are some ideas for simple, fast recipes

4. Do not constantly snack in between
If you are breastfeeding, you can eat more than 500 kcal a day because many mums like to grab chocolate bars and co. As a snack in between. Curb that if you want to get rid of your baby pounds. Often the calorie content of small bars is underestimated. Look at the nutritional information! Eat healthy snacks such as natural yogurt with fruit, vegetable sticks or a sandwich.

5.Easy weight loss with more exercise

Try it - with our nutrition and sports concept. The special feature: You can tailor the meal plan to your preference. They are optimally supplied with all important nutrients. And: There are no prohibitions! Even sweets are allowed from time to time. That's how it's done:

You will receive a total nutritional plan for 30 days. The recipes for the first five days, plans for the following weeks, and ingredient lists to make shopping easier can be found below.
Lunch is designed as a recipe for four people. So you do not have to cook extra for the children, we give each a family tip, as you spice up the court without effort.
We favor the fast food: For none of our dishes, you need more than 25 minutes to prepare.
You can exchange dishes and create individual daily plans. Important: Do not take in more than 1500 kcal per day and not less than 1200 kcal per day.
In addition, bring more exercise into your everyday life.
Important: The program is intended as a small entry-level help into a healthier lifestyle. Anyone who has significant weight problems should inform themselves individually at the doctor. Maybe then a nutrition consultation makes sense.
After pregnancy weight loss diet plan
Post pregnancy weight loss diet plan

6-Get fit with baby
The times when mothers could not do sports with a baby are long gone. Just take your child to the sport. More and more freshly baked mums keep fit and like to be together with the baby. Fitness courses for mothers with children are available today from numerous providers.

In these courses, mothers meet other moms with children and in addition to the fitness exercises, new acquaintances are closed. The courses for mother and child are arranged so that both have their fun with it.

If you want to lose weight after giving birth, you can also go jogging or skating with a child. A jogger stroller is an ideal companion when playing in the fresh air. For running, you should choose a jogger stroller that is suitable for your child's age. If the child has to sit upright, the back muscles should be well enough trained.

7-Doctor and midwife are good advisers

Do you want to lose weight healthy after your birth, do sports and eat better? Ask your doctor and midwife for advice. This is especially true if you had a caesarean section or had health problems during childbirth. Your health is in any case.

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