What are the side effects of condom?

 Side effects of condom

Condoms are well-known since the Middle Ages way to prevent pregnancies and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. There are many other methods of contraception now. If you want to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, the condom is still the only option today - apart from abstaining from sex. Learn more about condoms here.

What are the side effects of condom?

Key points to keep in mind

Rubber skin for the penis

A condom is a fine rubber latex or polyurethane rubber latex allergy penis that has a small swelling at the tip. It serves as a store for the discharge. The condom is rolled up and sealed in this form. The packaging should always state the manufacturer, the approval and batch number. Shelf life must also be printed: condoms can be kept for four to five years. Older specimens should no longer be used. Storage plays an important role in durability, as heat and light can make the material of the condoms fragile.
What are the side effects of condom?

As you cover a condom

Covering a condom requires some practice. On each condom pack is an instruction manual, how to cover the condom properly. In the beginning, some "dry exercises" are not bad.

First, you should carefully unpack the condom, without the use of sharp objects such as scissors or knives and also without sharp fingernails, so that the fine rubber is not damaged. On top of the condoms is a small bump, which is a reserve for the discharge. Hold this tip firmly with your thumb and forefinger and place the condom with the inside on the stiff limb so that you can unroll it.

Caution: If you put the rolled-up condom upside down, you can not roll it over the penis. Then do not just turn it around, but throw it away, because the outside could have already come into contact with sperm or pathogens via the glans penis.

Display: If you cover the condom properly - it should be easy - then it lies like a second skin around the penis and in the top, there is enough space for the discharge.

Condoms in many sizes and shapes

If you feel that the condom is too tight or too loose, then you need to buy another size. Condoms come in many different shapes and sizes, even in bright colors and with different flavors.

Sex with condom

Having sex with a condom may not be so enjoyable for some couples because sheer skin contact is lacking and may interfere with putting on the condom during lovemaking. But if you try to see the condom coating as part of the foreplay and integrate it into your lovemaking in time for possible ejaculation, then there's nothing in the way of condom sex. Safe contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases should be more important to you than sex without a condom.

What are the side effects of condom?

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After sex with condom

After discharge, the still erect penis must be pulled out of the woman's vagina with the condom. Hold the condom tight to the shaft of the penis so that it does not slip off and empty into the vagina. Throw the condom in the trash and wash your hands and penis, because it could still residues of discharge adhere to it.

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Safety: Condoms offer double protection
The Pearl index of a contraceptive method indicates how many of 100 women who use this method for a year prevent them from becoming pregnant. Condoms have a pearl index of 2 to 20 - depending on exercise and experience in the application. So you can protect yourself well from an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, condoms may prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

Side effects of condom

Chemical contraceptives (spermicides) may induce burning or itching in the vagina and painful sex in some women after insertion. These side effects are due to mucosal irritation or mucosal inflammation. Even men can be affected by these side effects

Possible side effects

  • Pain during sex
  • Destruction of the natural vaginal flora
  • Irritation or inflammation of the mucous membranes
  • Burning or itching in the vagina or on the penis
Mucosa irritation or inflammation also increases the risk of an infectious disease. If you are prone to vaginal discharge and urinary tract infections, you should prefer other methods of contraception.

The simultaneous use of condoms is possible in principle. However, non-water based creams or medication should not be used simultaneously with a condom.Such spermicides attack the rubber and make it leak.In this context, pay attention to the information on the leaflet.

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