How to get rid of cellulite in 2 weeks?

Cellulite-fighting - 7 simple steps to get rid of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite in 2 weeks?

Attention! Do you want to fight your cellulite? Then at the very end of the article, a surprise awaits you.
Do you know this feeling when looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the first ugly dents on your thighs or bottom? What kind of a feeling is this? In particular, when spring is approaching and you want to present yourself in a beautiful bikini, cellulite is a huge problem. Not only does cellulite look unattractive, it also nibbles at the self-confidence.No need to worry am going to share damn easy steps to get rid of cellulite in 2 weeks.
Because you can combat cellulite easily, naturally and safely. It is even possible to combat cellulite within 60 days. So if you're suffering from cellulite, our step-by-step guide, "Away with Cellulite," can help you quickly and easily fight cellulite.

At the end of the article "Cellulite fighting - 7 simple steps" you will know.

  1. What is cellulite really?
  2.  Combat cellulite - 7 reasons for cellulite development
  3. The lies about cellulite
  4. 7 simple steps to combat cellulite
  5. The Top 15 Foods for Cellulite Control
  6. 3 ways to combat cellulite

Before you start fighting cellulite, it makes sense to know what cellulite is exactly and how it develops. A common misconception is that cellulite is considered a kind of disease. The orange peel is not a disease, but rather an unaesthetic change in the connective tissue.

So you can divide the cellulite into three stages:

  • Level 1: visible dents on a nipple test
  • Level 2: Dents are visible when standing, but not lying down
  • Stage 3: Dents are also visible when lying down.

Did you know that cellulite is a female phenomenon? 80-90% of women suffer from cellulite. The reason is quite simple: men get cellulite less often than women because they have a different connective tissue structure. Of course, there are men who also have cellulite. Women, on the other hand, have a stretchy connective tissue. You need this, for example, during pregnancy. Therefore, the problems also arise when fighting cellulite and losing thighs.

The fatty tissue in women, not as in men, a criss-cross of supporting connective tissue strands but only vertically traversed with connective tissue strands. In addition, the connective tissue layer, which separates the upper from the lower skin layer, is particularly thin in women. As a result, the fat cell packets often do not stick in the subcutaneous tissue.

These then press against the skin surface and are there as dents - finished is the cellulite. And now the problem begins because affected women now want to actively fight the ugly cellulite dents.

Maybe you think now:

"Okay, fat plays a role in cellulite formation ... but I've read that hormones, nutrition, bad lifestyle and genetic predisposition can also play a role."

Of course, each of the above reasons plays a role in the development of cellulite and its fight. But there is a general factor that significantly influences cellulite fighting. It is the accumulation of toxins in the body.

How come?

Think about what most people eat: packaged food, refined sugar and salt products, treated food (with chemicals, pesticides, preservatives), etc. But that's just what we eat.

Add to this the environmental influences that have been affecting us for years. Smoking, drinking and medicines also play a major role here.

Altogether, there is an excess of toxins in our body. This does not comply with the degradation of Gitftstoffe. Even if he could do it, the problem is that we're constantly picking up new toxins. Without the right information, it will fight cellulite then nothing.

Why do toxins have to do with having cellulite?

It is ultimately a simple process: The body wants to get rid of the toxins and can only excrete a certain amount.

What does your body do with the rest?

This is stored in the fat cells so that the vital organs are no longer exposed to the toxins. This also means in the connective tissue that is decisive for cellulite formation.

Do you have cellulite? If you are ashamed of cellulite now and feel uncomfortable - how about five years from now when cellulite gets worse? Or in 10 years? The key to fighting cellulite is to remove the accumulation of toxins from your body and prevent them from accumulating.
The lies about cellulite:
In this section, read about how you lied about cellulite and talked about beauty treatment methods for fighting cellulite.
If you want to know what cellulite is exactly, ask 100 different people and you will receive 100 different answers. This can range from "genetic inheritance" to "fibre strands that pull the skin down".
First of all, there is no cellulite! You are just lied to!

For example, the Süddeutsche Zeitung writes that cellulite was invented as a pseudo-disease.

Medically speaking - what is cellulite exactly?

From a medical point of view, cellulite is caused by a structural change in the female connective tissue. This means that the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous skin pushes up and thus penetrates into higher skin layers. The fat particles are held together in a columnar shape by the fibres.The result of this process is a skin surface that resembles orange peel. Daber also the name orange peel. In addition, connective tissue water accumulates in the upper skin layers, and the fatty tissue structure changes. Learn how to fight cellulite in this article.

What is cellulite exactly and what can women do about it?

Even if you have a strong tendency to cellulite, you can do something about cellulite - without expensive creams, tablets or obscure shaking, shaking and vacuum equipment. It has been proven that cellulite is more likely to affect overweight, over-nutrition and physical inactivity. Sport and weight loss usually reduce the intensity of the honeycomb pattern. However, there is a small flaw: Heavyweight loss can cause the relief of the orange peel even more in the short term. Learn here how to fight cellulite in a natural, easy and safe way.

7 simple steps to combat cellulite

These tips not only help you fight cellulite but also help you live healthier and look younger.

1- Eat unprocessed, basic food

In order to remove the toxins from the body, they must first be removed from the deposits - this can be, for example, in the cells, tissues or organs.You can support this by including basic foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are basic and should account for most of the diet. Maybe now you think: "Fruits and vegetables help me fight cellulite?"
Yes! When combined with the other tips provided here. And it even helps with fat burning. Simply put, the basic foods deprive the cells of the toxins and these can be excreted. The key to fighting cellulite is to constantly increase the proportion of fresh foods (mainly vegetables) in the diet. The goal here is that your body does not release too many toxins to avoid overloading.

Otherwise, some of the toxins would be broken down and the rest would be stored again. Small steps are the way to success. You will also learn to interpret the signals of the body if it releases too many toxins. You can accelerate the process (fighting cellulite, anti-aging and other symptoms) with freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

 2- hydration

An often discussed approach is to combat cellulite with coffee. But it is much, much more effective to drink the clear, pure water and organic juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help your body flush out the toxins. So water is not only vital but also essential for cellulite fight and prevent further development.
Just think of the effects of dehydration - wrinkled, withered and old. This does not help with a cellulite-free body with softer, smoother skin. Drink it every day as the first water. If you do not like pure water so much, you can make it even more flavorful with lemon juice or slices. Herbal tea is also very good. Avoid coffee and tea as far as possible. If you can not do without it, always drink some water and vegetable juice in addition.

 3-Swap salt

If you're wondering, "Change the salt?". For example, replace the normal salt with Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt.
The reason is quite simple:
Refined salt is extremely acidic and literally deprives your body of the minerals and water (attention! This promotes cellulite). Your body will now fight this salt and, in return, apply important vitamins and minerals. Refined salt only causes you to accumulate more toxins in the body. Crystal Salt and Sea Salt, on the other hand, are basic and contain tons of important minerals that are added to your body rather than deprived. It's easy! Now sweep away the refined salt and exchange it with healthy ones.

4 -Away with the garbage - detoxifies properly

If you eat clean, basic food, it will remove the toxins from your body. It's as simple as it is awesome and is exactly what you need to fight cellulite. You will notice how your cellulite gets less. Although this will remove the toxins from your body and fight cellulite, the toxins must be completely removed from the body. Your body supports you. The problem is that the toxins are not so easy to remove. Unfortunately, many people suffer from "eliminating organs", such as the intestine. If one relies on the impaired organs, one will not come far with the disposal of the toxins. The danger is great, that one quickly fails and can not fight cellulite properly. This process can and should be supported by colon cleansing. For a professional colon cleansing helps tremendously fight cellulite. Although colon cleansing is not the most elegant method, it is extremely effective against cellulite.

5- brushes and massages

The stimulation of the lymphatic system, which is located underneath your skin, through the dry brushing of the skin and massages also supports the release and the removal of the toxins. By brushing the skin, you can specifically combat areas with cellulite. Use the brush in small, circular movements. For example, on the thighs and buttocks or other areas that are affected by cellulite.
If you do this a few times a week, it will help you to work on the fat deposits responsible for the ugly dents. It is best to brush for just one minute at the beginning and to increase to several minutes. This helps your skin to get used to brushing and we protect your skin from hypersensitivity.

6 -Movement

Intensive exercises will not only relieve stress and release endorphins. You will also excrete toxins through your skin. Movement is also an important part of fighting cellulite and should not be ignored.
Another advantage is that you improve your whole appearance. You will look firmer, younger and more elegant.

7 -Avoid creams that make the skin thinner

Many women use creams or other chemical substances to fight cellulite. The problem is, when these substances make the skin thinner (for example with steroids as ingredients), the cellulite becomes much more visible. It is also perfectly logical that a thinner skin, the cellulite is better to see. The ugly dents are much better. In addition, the skin ages much faster. People who are dependent on such creams (eczema, etc.) should first discuss the deposition with their doctor. Instead of creams, you can also moisturise your skin with natural oils (coconut oil).

The 7 steps to combat cellulite at a glance

  1.  Eat unprocessed, basic food
  2. Hydration
  3. Swap salt
  4. Away with the garbage - detoxifies properly
  5. Brushes and massages
  6. Movement
  7.  Avoid creams that make the skin thinner

The top 15 food for cellulite to get rid in just 2 weeks

As already described, there are several factors that promote the development of cellulite. In addition, the excess of estrogen, hormonal imbalance and insulin also influence the development of cellulite.
Among other options, but you can combat this problem through the diet and thus cellulite. So the following 15 foods can help you to fight the orange peel to regain the beautiful, smooth skin.

1- Salmon

Salmon, sardines and other fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These help you to fight the estrogen that you consume via the normal diet.

2 -Lemons

Lemons, or citrus in general, are very good at reducing the impact of carbohydrates on the body. Because the carbohydrates are processed by the body quickly, converted into sugar and negatively affect the insulin game. Furthermore, citrus fruits cleanse the liver and reduce estrogen levels.

3- Red wine

Red wine contains resveratrol. Some people believe it reduces anti-ageing effects. But studies show that this is not the case. But recent studies show that Resveratrol has estrogen-lowering capabilities.
This compound is found in the skin of grapes, with the highest natural amount of red wine.

4 -Chicken breast

Lean meat, such as chicken breast (skinless), helps to keep insulin levels in balance. Furthermore, chicken breast contains many proteins, which provide for a long satiety and a slow digestion. That is, the release of insulin is also slowed down. Controlling insulin levels helps you combat cellulite.

5- Garlic

Garlic and onions, as members of the Allium family, are common for their medicinal properties. They help in reducing insulin levels. It is best to eat both raw, which you can, for example, with a delicious salad of fresh vegetables.

 6- Ripe cheese

Mature (or old) cheese is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (helps with body fat reduction). This helps to lower estrogen levels naturally. Conjugated linoleic acid is also found in dairy products such as butter, cheese and milk. But beware, over-intake of foods containing conjugated linoleic acid in the pancreas stimulates the secretion of insulin.

7- Avocado

Avocado is the perfect food to balance insulin levels and combat cellulite. In addition, it contains a lot of potassium, folic acid (stress control), fibre and is rich in healthy fat. But moderation is also the key to success here.

 8 -Asparagus

Asparagus is a brilliant stress reducer. Because asparagus contains a lot of folic acids (stress control). , Folic acid or folate is also called vitamin B9. Folic acid is the complementary form, while folate is the naturally occurring variant. Asparagus is rich in folic acid, as are beans, green leafy vegetables and many fruits and cereal products.

9- Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that help your body combat cellulite. Studies have found that this increases the metabolism and reduces the storage of fat. Because the weight loss is u.a. one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite.

10- cherries

Cherries and also berries are very good for keeping insulin levels under control. Because these fruits have a low glycemic index (is a measure for determining the effect of a carbohydrate-containing food on the blood sugar level). This means that they increase blood sugar more slowly than other fruits. Other examples of fruits with a low glycemic index are apples, pears and peaches. Avoid fruits with a high glycemic index such as melons, mangoes and pineapple

11- Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps to neutralize stress very well. The problem with (negative) stress is that the released chemicals have a physical effect on the body. Studies have shown that chamomile can also reduce anxiety. That is, it is advisable to drink chamomile tea at bedtime

12- Cucumber

An important factor in fighting cellulite is the sufficient moisture of the skin. Therefore, it is so important not only to drink a lot during the day but also to eat foods with high water content in order to effectively fight cellulite. So cucumber is best suited for it since it consists of about 90% water. Other foods high in water are celery, watermelon, pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and cabbage. It is also optimal to use the maximum water content to enjoy the fruits and vegetables raw.

 13- Raw nuts

Raw nuts are very good at fighting cellulite. Because they have many of the anti-estrogen compounds. Furthermore, they contain plant sterols, which reduce or block the absorption of cholesterol. Raw nuts also increase progesterone (progesterone plays an important role during pregnancy and menopause) in women and testosterone in men. Both help to balance estrogen levels.
Nuts that are high in plant sterols (the intake of cholesterol is reduced) include peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and pecans.

14- Whole Grains

Also, whole grains are rich in plant sterols. The grains with the highest levels of plant sterols are the wheat germ, oat bran, rice bran, whole grain bread and brown rice. Whole grains also help to balance insulin levels and are high in fibre (which keeps you feeling full for longer.

 15- Papaya

The papaya contains a lot of vitamin C, which is good for combating cellulite, which supports collagen in the skin and thus keeps this staff healthy. Breaking collagen causes the skin to hang and fat deposits to show through. Enjoy a cup of these delights for breakfast for the same benefits from a big orange.

The top 15 foods for cellulite fight at a glance

Here you can take a look at the food to fight cellulite once again at a glance.

  1.  Salmon
  2.  Lemons
  3.  Red wine
  4.  Chicken breast
  5.  Garlic
  6.  Ripe cheese
  7.  Avocado
  8.  Asparagus
  9. Green tea
  10. Cherries
  11.  Chamomile tea
  12. Cucumber
  13. Raw nuts
  14. Whole Grains
  15.  Papaya
3 ways to get rid of cellulite

If you are a woman, then you will surely understand the following: For many women, it is important to feel comfortable in their body, right? This also includes a smooth, gentle skin. And that until old age. But often it does not work out as planned. So maybe you know this problem as well? You've already read a lot about it in the article - Cellulite. 80-90% of women suffer from it and want to fight cellulite, finally get rid of it. The desire to get rid of cellulite becomes especially great when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning, tense your butt and see more dents.
One problem is that women in their desperation try many things that bring little or no results. These include creams, wraps, massages or pills. That is, they throw tons of money out the window and hope for the miracle solution. The problem here is that many of the things mentioned are advertised by the beauty industry with the knowledge that they bring little or little success.

With which exercises can you combat cellulite and exercise on the buttocks?

Targeted exercises are a very quick way to fight cellulite effectively. So it is quite possible in less than 60 days to see drastic changes and be happy about a smooth, fresh skin. To achieve optimal results in the removal of cellulite, the following 3 exercises help:

  1. Compound movements
  2. Isolation exercises
  3. Cardio

Compound and isolation exercises, as well as cardio, are very important in order to be able to specifically train the cellulite on the buttocks. Thus, for example, the targeted strengthening of the muscles can shape the affected areas, tighten, make the skin more supple and burn the annoying fat - more than endurance sports or aerobics.
The advantage of the combination of the 3 exercises is that you, on the one hand, ensure that your body generally burns more fat (strengthening the muscles) and accelerates the burning of fat (cardio). In summary, combination exercises will help combat cellulite, tighten your problem areas, stimulate your metabolism, and burn fat (and cellulite) all in a very short time.Just follow these steps and get rid of cellulite in just 2 weeks.

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