Doing Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

Implants offer many advantages. However, misaligned screws in the jaw can ruin patients financially and healthily. Two cases, tow stories of suffering - and tips for serious planning.Doing  Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way matters a lot.

First, come screws in the jaw, then attached to the artificial teeth: 34,000 euros, the dentist had said, should cost the implants allegedly, Paul D. was in 2009 in Hanover. For the prospect of beautiful teeth, he scraped together the family savings.But the treatment was financially and financially a disaster. The dentist drilled 20 of the artificial tooth roots in the jaw, far too many and, according to expert reports, in far too short a time. At 16, the tissue was inflamed and they had to go out again. Even the cost estimate, according to D. only weeks after the start of treatment sent, was a shock: "74,000 euros only for the implants and the provisional."

Paul D. had not obtained a second opinion, no advice from the health insurance. The dentist's billing company sued him for not having so much money, the trial ended with a settlement. Paul D. now lives from Hartz IV. He says he can no longer work and only eat pureed.

Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

Titanium screw-in pine

In advertising, implants are touted as perfect dentures. Artificial dental crowns, but also bridges or prostheses, can be attached to the titanium screws in the jaw. Healthy adjacent teeth do not need to be ground, and as the screw grows into the bone, the dentures feel almost like a real tooth. But there are also disadvantages: Implants are expensive and require a surgical procedure with risks. According to the Federal Dental Association, the nerve in the lower jaw can be injured, in the upper jaw the nasal or maxillary sinus.

This happened to Oliver S. He flew to Hungary for cheap implants. One drilled 14 screws into his toothless jaws - ten at the top and four at the bottom. One protrudes into the antrum, several in the nose and in the paranasal sinus. Two more press on the lower jaw nerve - see the following photo:

Doing  Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

Oliver S. then had severe pain, could hardly eat. He only has half of the implants, and they all have to get out. He paid 15,000 euros, including prostheses. That is cheap. In Germany, an implant including dentures usually costs at least 2,000 euros. The costs for surgery, laboratory, and material vary according to the number, effort, and model was chosen. Implants are a private service. Only for the dentures pay the health insurance companies a fixed subsidy.

High risk of inflammation

Two cases of glaring mistreatment - two stories of suffering. No one can tell exactly how often mistakes go wrong when placing implants. Although the form of therapy has been recognized in this country for 30 years. But neither the onset nor the loss is systematically recorded.

If one takes the sales figures of the industry as the basis, patients in Germany come to around one million implants per year. Every year probably more than 140,000 are lost, according to Wilfried Wagner of the University of Mainz. However, this applies to all implants and not just new ones.

"It is safe to assume today that in the first year after implantation, two to three percent will have to be lost or removed, five percent after five years and about ten percent after ten years."

Errors in diagnostics and planning

What bothers reviewers such as the oral surgeon Martin Bonsmann are the "avoidable disasters", caused by technical errors. Too many implants at once, too deep, too far in front or with the wrong distance to the neighbouring teeth, which makes dentures impossible or destroys the jawbone. The reasons for this are errors in diagnostics, planning or during surgery.

How to do  Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

Reasons may also lie with the patient. Lack of oral hygiene threatens inflammation (peri-implantitis) on the implants. Hans-Joachim Nickenig, a Senior Physician at the University of Cologne, has been campaigning for years for a risk analysis.Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way is also appropriate in pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or periodontitis, low jawbone and heavy nicotine consumption. "Then implants should only be placed by the specialist or not at all."

Doing  Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

Which dentist understands this craft well, is difficult for patients to recognize. "It takes more than just a hole to drill," says Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, a teacher within the training programs of the German Society for Implantology.

What to look out for before surgery - Tips for patients

Four to five digits are usually the costs that patients pay for implants. Although there is a fixed subsidy for legally insured persons, since implants are considered "different types of care", the entire procedure is billed according to the private fee schedule (GOZ). Depending on the effort and level of difficulty, the dentist can set a rate of increase. That's another reason why a price comparison is worthwhile.

Treatments abroad carry the great risk that patients will not receive support in case of errors. "In any case, you should first submit the foreign treatment and cost plan to your health insurance," says Christine Heyner from the Independent Patient Counseling Service (UPD). "If the health fund approves the plan, the patient will receive the fixed subsidy even if they receive treatment abroad." Not for the implant, but for the actual dentures, called superstructure.

Doing  Dental Implants for False Teeth the Right Way

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