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Once students have completed their undergraduate studies, they have the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in 2018 in Canada a chosen discipline. A master's program is designed to improve knowledge in a specific area and to help students prepare for academic and professional careers after graduation.

Healthcare management definition

Healthcare is a field for managing and managing health systems. Graduates may have the opportunity to work in roles that make a positive difference in the world. Professionals oversee the business side of medical institutions and organizations.

Canadians value learning and have a first-rate education with high standards. Not only does Canada have a safe, clean environment, but it has repeatedly ranked as one of the world's best places to live in terms of the quality of life of the UN.

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Master Program Health Management - Information on the Master
The Master Program Health Management - Study Content

The master program in health management deals intensively with the planning and organization of health care for society. The function and range of healthcare systems as well as the nursing management are special focus areas. Furthermore, you will also deal with health system theories, epidemiology, demography, prevention and health promotion.
The purpose of the Master's Health Management is to train you as a holistic expert in the healthcare system. As a result, you will also take courses in the following areas during your studies:

  1. Health economics
  2. Elderly care
  3. Insurance systems
  4. Medical law
  5. Quality management
  6. Business administration in the health sector

In addition to specialist know-how, you will also be given leadership and personal skills to optimally prepare you for your future role as a healthcare executive. In this way, you can act at the interface between management, politics and healthcare.

Requirements for the master program Health Management in 2018

For admission to the master program in health management 2018 in Canada, a first university degree in a related field is required. Often, higher education institutions also require proof of their first professional experience in the health sector. You should inform yourself in advance at the universities of your choice about further admission criteria.
Career future with the master of health management


With a market share of approx. 10%, the healthcare market is above all a job engine, innovator and export hit. He is thus a fast-growing field, not only for classic medical professions. Due to the high demand for qualified specialists and executives with a business background, the bachelor's degree in health management (B.A.) in distance learning at IUBH gives you excellent perspectives in an exciting environment, eg. in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, care facilities, pharmacies, fitness and spa facilities and many more.


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