Shocking Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage Sexuality Will Make You Better in Bed

We'll tell you how you can spice up your sex life, so you'll never be late for long

In order to spice up your love life, you must definitely break the routine in bed. This does not mean wild postures and wild gymnastics, but it can also be quite simple: how about you start your clothes? A sex study has shown that 64 percent of all women find it exciting to sleep with a half-dressed man. Get to the bottom of your fantasies with your partner. Surely the man at your side has a secret desire. If you do, you can certainly spice up your relationship and your love life. The same applies of course to him and your wishes. We have answered the most common questions for you.

Shocking Ways  to Spice Up Your Marriage Sexuality  Will Make You  Better in Bed

I often feel little physical pleasure. What can I do?

Do not put yourself under pressure. Rather, relax and think of something exciting. Let yourself fall. If your partner touches you tenderly, show him where it is most exciting for you. Or let him go exploring with his hands. The important thing is to give yourself time and do not force anything. Sex has to do with "let fall" and should not mutate into competitive sports. Your partner should know your preferences. You will see: He is certainly grateful for every tip.

How do I get my husband to experiment more?

The first step to a more exciting sex life is that you pronounce what you want. If you're scared to run over it, start with something harmless in bed. Surprise him with special lingerie and a romantic atmosphere. Take him, for example, take the lead and whisper his little dirty things in his ear. Try to convince him with your passion and energy. So he is guaranteed to want to try something even more daring.

Is there anything other than rider position that I can be active in?

In fact, the riding position is the position where the woman can make the lovemaking most active. So try a variation. Instead of taking the knees off to his right and left, place both feet on one side. Now close your legs a bit. Because this is how you control the angle and make sure that you both feel even more.

How can I find the G-spot?

According to expert opinion, it is on the front wall of the vagina, just behind the pubis. You can feel him if you penetrate with your finger about five inches deep into the vagina. But: The G-spot is no guarantee for an orgasm. Even without finding it, you can have a very fulfilling sex life.

Love alone is not enough for a happy partnership

In the US, the first pleasure pill for women was approved. We'll tell you what the pill can do - and how to rediscover your lust for sex in a natural way

Tricks for a new swing in your sex life

What is the pleasure pill?

With the active ingredient flibanserin, which is supposed to make you want to have sex in the head, the pleasure pill wants to "fuel" women vigorously. However, the benefit of the drug, which was originally used as an anti-depressant, is questionable: Initial results of a study have now shown that women with the pleasure pill had only 0.5 to 1 times more sex a month than those who took a placebo. In addition, the "Pink Viagra" affects only one in ten women anyway. Because the pink pill has to be taken on a regular basis - not just before sex - experts also see side effects such as low blood pressure and dizziness critically. They occur mainly in combination with alcohol, which is why you would have to give it up permanently, as long as you take the drug.But why take medication at all? There are many ways to naturally stimulate pleasure.

1. Have an open conversation

Take a heart and tell your partner how they are doing, what feels good and what does not. Look for a quiet, relaxed moment, talk about your feelings, do without reproaches. Expect that he still responds with withdrawal or defence. Stay clear, but loving. What you should do, if especially HE does not feel like having sex, we tell you here.

2. Hold up your everyday life

"It takes time and peace to get involved,". Too often, our everyday life is overloaded: Invite friends, quickly get things done online. Create free space for yourself and your loved one. Give up on a meal invitation, let the laptop. If it helps you both, make sure you have a fixed date - about every Friday evening. It signals to the subconscious: I adjust to you.

3. Re-explore your own body

Feel your breath again and again: Feel your breath, REGISTER how your body feels. You can integrate this into everyday life, if you go for a walk, for example. But also during sex, while caressing. "Your body does not lie,". "What does not feel good, you should not continue." Statistically, sex improves with age and is best at exactly that age.

4. Put on hugs and kisses

Make a date for caresses, every day - a welcome kiss that really puts you there. A conscious hug, maybe a spontaneous dance for two in the evening. Touch yourself lovingly, as if by chance. So you turn to the other, feels accepted. And a hug helps against STRESS.

5. Enjoy "slow sex"

Try this: Lie next to each other naked in bed, do not touch at first, then as light as a feather. Put the partner's hand where it pleases you. Slowly open more and more.

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