Burn Fat: The 10 Best Fat Burn Tips

I stood in the changing room of my fitness studio in front of the mirror and thought to myself: "This is embarrassing, Culin !" At the same time, everything about me was about muscles, six pack, and fat burn.

The 10 Best Fat Burn Tips
The 10 Best Fat Burn Tips

Nevertheless, I was, not trained at all, even though I have been training intensively for over 10 years.

Then I stood and asked myself:

Why do not I burn damn your belly?

The bacon around my hips did not want to give way. I trained very often, long and the sweat flowed. Nevertheless, my fat burning did not even seem to be connected.

It took me a while to figure out where my mistakes were.

This is now a few years ago when I learned a lot about burning the fat.

On this site, I want to keep you from frustrating mistakes and give you my 10 best tips to burn fat fast and effectively, whether it's on the stomach, on the legs or on the buttocks.

 These 10 tips you  need :

You have to follow these 10 tips to.

  •  Decrease
  • Reduce body fat,
  • To get a flat belly,
  • A six-pack,
  • Or define your body.

I have lost more than 20kg of body fat and reduced my stomach circumference by more than 20cm.

Top 10 best tips to burn fat

Tip # 1 - You're how much you eat!

In the past, I thought, "If you eat this, then you'll build up fat on your stomach ..." So I ate a lot, because I fed myself right. Unfortunately, this was a fallacy, because the burning of the fat is the individual energy budget the crack point on the whole thing.

Each person needs a different amount of energy per day. These are given in kilocalories (Kcal). Each food has a different amount of kcal. If you take too much energy (Kcal) in the form of food (no matter what !!!), then the body stores the excess energy as a body fat.

If one now removes some energy from the body, by eating less, for example, one burns fat. Body fat is nothing more than stored energy. I always tell my friends that you can eat almost everything you want, and still burn fat. Crucial is the energy balance. You have to carry less energy than you need (quite simply!).

But beware!
If you believe that FDH (Friss Half) can burn fat quickly, you will be surprised at my next tip.

Tip # 2 - Why Can not FDH Burn Fat?

If you have to take some energy out of the body to burn fat, FDH seems to be the fastest and easiest solution. Unfortunately, this is not quite so simple. Our body is a clever system that can adapt to all situations, including sudden food. In the FDH diet from now on is only half eat. This not only triggers extreme hunger emotions but also creates a great deal of stress for the body (not to mention the mood fluctuations that such radicalism can cause). These points could perhaps still get under control.

But the catch lies in evolution. This has programmed our body to go into a kind of emergency program in case of food shortages. Our body stops fat burning and regulates the metabolism.Since the body's fat storage ensures survival in bad times, it is the last life anchor and must be protected. Our body goes into the "energy-saving mode" and "burns" all other things, which represent luxury for the body, such as muscle mass. In the FDH diet you take off, but these are for the most part muscles. Fat will hardly be degraded. If you are wondering why the bacon on the belly simply does not want to go, has the solution for this. Muscles are valuable because only in them can excess body fat be burned. See more in tip 3.

Tip # 3 - Why Muscles Burn Fat?

Muscles are something very valuable. They not only protect and support our body, they also have a significant influence on fat burning. Human muscle cells require a lot of energy. Even when you're at rest, when you're asleep or lazy on the couch, for example, muscles need energy.In addition, many mitochondria are found in muscle cells. The mitochondria are also referred to as energy power plants, since crucial processes for the energy production of the body take place here, including the provision and processing of fatty acids as energy carriers.

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As you already know, you have to get the body to provide the unsightly fat pads as energy carriers. That works best if you have fewer calories than you actually need. Then our body "draws" the missing energy from the fetal cells on the abdomen, legs, and butt for energy production in the mitochondria.

Conversely, the more muscles, the faster you can burn fat!

That's why I personally consider strength training for the best, sporting activity to effectively remove fat. With strength training, you build beautiful, tight muscles, burns calories and ensures the best conditions to be slim even in your sleep.

Click on the following picture to download my 5 best training plans for free and use them to build tight muscles and burn body fat:

Tip # 4 - You're what you eat!

The first 3 tips are my opinion the most important when it comes to the topic of fat loss. However, the saying "You are what you eat" contains lots of truth.

With the help of certain foods, you can influence fat burning decisively.

I am an absolute fan of Low Carb. This is a diet rich in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates, for example in:

  • Loaf,
  • Fruit,
  • Rice,
  • potatoes,
  • pasta,
  • Cookies,
  • chocolate
  • and much more have a strong influence on the blood glucose level.

To keep the blood glucose level constant, the body pours out insulin. And insulin, in turn, has a negative effect on fat burning.
With carbohydrates, the body can quickly be supplied with energy, but you have to constantly refill. If the blood glucose level drops too much, you quickly get hungry again. A devil's circle is created because you have to eat constantly and thus increases your calorie intake (see tip 1).

Through the targeted selection of foodstuffs, the fat burning process can be accelerated. In all my diets I have always paid attention to the carbohydrates. My experience has shown that especially women are extremely sensitive to it. But what to eat? What foods are suitable for burning fat? The answers are now available in Tip 5.

Tip # 5 - Food for fat loss

I used to think that most of the fat in my diet is unhealthy and fat. But this is complete nonsense. As described in tip 4, carbohydrates are mostly "to blame" at too much body fat.

To speed up the burning of fat, I mainly rely on protein-containing foods like:

  • Fish,
  • Meat,
  • Egg,
  • cheese
  • and Protein is not only important for cell building (cue building) but also produces an effect called thermogenesis.

Thanks to this effect you can burn even more fat.The amazing thing is that even fat in the daily diet supports the fat breakdown, for example, simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids as in:

  • Nuts,
  • Linseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Or greasy fish such as salmon.

But also unsaturated fats are good, for example in cattle or pigs. Yes, even butter (not margarine !!!) is a food which indirectly supports the fat reduction. Just changing the food selection to more protein and fat, as well as fewer carbohydrates can already lead you to lose your fat.

Tip # 6 - A high on muscle training

I have to say this because I love it. The speech is about strength training and muscle building.
From Tip 3 you already know that muscles are important for fat burning. So if you want to bite the bacon, I recommend you a targeted strength training with muscle building exercises. It does not matter if you train at home or in a gym. It is important to keep a constant load on your muscles so that they get a resistance and grow.

It is sufficient for you to complete a strength training 2 to a maximum of 3 times a week. If you want to get more muscle you can also go 4 times a week. More is not necessary, however! Not even to properly allocate, such as a bodybuilder. I advise you to do 2-3 exercises per muscle with 3 passes per exercise. An overview of good exercises for muscle building I have put together here.

Tip # 7 - Which sport burns the most fat?

The question I get asked very often. Unfortunately, it is not quite as easy to answer. Too many factors influence the calorie consumption and thus the fat burning (for example the intensity, the radius of movement and much more). Much more important than the question of the best sport for fat burning is the question of personal preferences and needs. The question I get asked very often. Unfortunately, it is not quite as easy to answer. Too many factors influence the calorie consumption and thus the fat burning (for example the intensity, the radius of movement and much more).

Much more important than the question of the best sport for fat burning is the question of personal preferences and needs. As you know from my other tips, I'm a fan of strength training. I love to move weights. If you want to burn fat, then you should not focus on what others mean, but what you're right for. This can be, for example, jogging or even tennis, maybe golf or football.What is important is that your entire body is moving. The more intense, the better.

It is better if you give 20-30 minutes of full throttle as 1-hour half-hearted trot. Movement is important! If you want to burn fat, then you should move more. This does not mean that you have to become a marathon runner immediately. What counts is the first, small step. The more you move, the more calories are consumed. This, in turn, ensures good energy balance and stimulates your metabolism.

Tip # 8 - And Action (Change something!)

Body and mind belong together. While it is important to know how to burn fat. But all this is of little use if the knowledge is not translated.The basic rules for fat burning are simple and I have explained to you in the tips above.Intermediate success and failure of a diet, in my opinion, decide the head. It determines whether you eat the right things or do sports. Many of my customers know what fat burning is all about.

The final point is the DO, the action, the change.From simple theory, no one has become slim or has built up muscles.When you have arrived at this point, I would like to motivate you to do something. Pick out one or the other tip and integrate it into your everyday life.

Tip # 9 - Customs

Each of us has certain habits. They determine our everyday life and who we are. Most of our habits we hardly perceive.Why do I talk about habits? Simply because they help you do something. It's not about eating the right foods or exercising suddenly to boost fat burning. It is about changing something in your life so that exactly what happens.

Poor habits may have caused you to have some fat on your belly and want to reduce it now. So you have to replace the bad habits with new ones.One of my bad habits was that I ate too fast. I have so many calories to me in the shortest time. The result was a fat belly.Pay attention to yourself and try to replace bad habits with good ones.

For example, in the evening instead of eating chocolate, simply drinking a tea or going straight from work to go straight to the gym.

Tip # 10 - Have fun

Many diets or take-off programs are, in my opinion, much too rigid. Sure, they burn fat, but they force us into a certain frame. I find it hard to eat certain foods that I do not like, but they are considered "healthy" or burn fat. I know it's different! That's why my advice to you: Have fun with what you do!

Fun is, in my opinion, one of the greatest motivators at all. If you have fun with food or sport, then you do not have to worry about doing something. You like to do it like I do my strength training

If you want to reduce some belly fat or just want to crank up your fat burning, then do the following:
Search for a sport that is fun. Eat foods that burn fat AND taste you. So equipped, you will tremendously change your body in the long run. You should pay particular attention to this last point if you want to burn fat fast! Through a great portion of fun, you will do very much, and that in turn helps to change your eating and exercise habits. Thus, you will bring your fat burning on high speed
Closing words I hope you have my 10 best fat burning tips !? I would be very happy about a "Like".

And if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, then let me know. Please write me down in the commentary and I will try to supplement this overview with further fat burning tips

Closing words

I hope you have my 10 best fat burning tips !? I would be very happy about a "Like".And if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, then let me know. Please write me down in the commentary and I will try to supplement this overview with further fat burning tips

Good luck and all the best!

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