Fat burning foods for weight loss

Sure you've ever wondered what food for weight loss you should use. Did you know that there are a lot of fat burning foods that are also filling up?
What do you know?

  Fat burning foods for weight loss
  Fat burning foods for weight loss   

Very simple - you should have at least 3 of the following properties:

• They have a high proportion of healthy fats.
• Are natural and have not been processed very hard.
• Suitable as a high-quality protein source
The following foods have an extremely positive effect on fat burning. For many of them, it has been SCIENCE CONFIRMED that they are best suited for losing weight.

1. Eggs

In the article about the egg diet, I have already explained why eggs help you burn fat. Unfortunately, eggs are often avoided. Reason for this is probably a myth yes, I mean the cholesterol. Meanwhile, some studies have shown that eggs are not associated with a high cholesterol level in the blood
Eggs are certainly not a trigger for cardiac/circulatory diseases. Other eating/living habits are rather responsible. There are many more clues, investigations, etc. that say that eggs of your health definitely DO NOT hurt!

But do you know what the brilliant thing is? Eggs do not just have enough, they are also the top fat burning foods and are my personal favourite! If you want to know more about eggs, check out the article on the egg diet, where you will also find an interesting study about eggs from the USA

2. Avocados

The avocado is my favourite fruit. Yes, it is a fruit and is not part of the vegetables. It grows at the large avocado tree, or more precisely, the avocado is a berry, because the tree belongs to the family of laurel plants.

What makes the avocado so special?

It boosts your fat burning properly! Just because it has so much fat and you train your body to metabolize fat. (Increased fat metabolism = increased fat burning, logical.)

Fact is, the avocado can save your life! Arteries calcify because of too high a value of bad LDL cholesterol. The avocado lowers this value in the blood! A new study has found that regular consumption of avocados reduces LDL cholesterol by 22% on average! If your cholesterol levels improve, your risk for all heart / circulatory diseases decreases, so the avocado belongs to the best life-retarding vegetables ... uh, I mean, of course, fruit varieties.

3. Nuts: almonds, walnuts

Nuts burn fat! Do not you think?

People who regularly eat nuts are generally slimmer, that could be proved by investigations. Sure you are now wondering why nuts make slimmer? Although you have a high-calorie percentage, you should use it as an intermediate meal, but they will help you
anyway during weight loss.

If you use it moderately, do not nuts, on the contrary! Some studies have confirmed nuts are boosting the fat metabolism! Everything you eat and boosts your metabolism makes you slim in the long term, but the calories alone do not necessarily. Of course, you should not be completely covered with nuts and only eat nuts. But it makes sense to use them as snacks. By the way, nuts also provide valuable micronutrients. And these, in turn, make sure that fat burning hormones are activated. Your metabolism improves thereby enormously and fat burn becomes easier!

4. Berries

Berries are a tasty intermediate meal. Give them a rest for the afternoon snack! They have a comparatively low-calorie density and fill you quickly! Currants, for example, have a large amount of dietary fibre and a whole 7.5%! The genius is if you want to snap on something sweet between to snap, just grasp berries. Strawberries are also good.

Your hunger is interrupted and your metabolism is boosted again because your brain now understands the signals from the hormone leptin again better. (Leptin is the "hunger hormone".)

5. Coconut oil

Maybe you've ever heard of coconut fat if it's new to you: coconut fat is even available in the form of skin creams, shower gel or shampoo. This fat is said to have many positive things. Among other things a strong positive effect on the fat metabolism!

I, therefore, recommend you basically to dispense with Magarine or refined oils and instead to use Kokosfett for cooking. The fat of the coconut has a high proportion of "medium chain triglycerides". These are saturated fatty acids, 60% of which are found in coconut fat. Its saturating effect is unbeatable! Sure, you must not consume too many of them, but as you know you have to eat and instead of bad fats you should use such fat. The fact is, if you train your body to be able to metabolize fats better, it automatically burns your body fat. For cooking, olive oil is also very good!

6. Beef

If you want to maximize fat burning, high-quality protein sources are indispensable. Beef in high quality is the perfect supplier for this. The amino acid profile of good beef boosts your metabolism. The high L-leucine content makes it the best "fat-burning meat".

Other high-quality amino acids contained in the beef are:

• Leucine
• Lysine
• Arginine
• And much more...

By the way, high-quality beef increases your protein synthesis. In order to successfully lose weight, you must make sure that your protein synthesis does not go into the basement and you burn muscle!
So if you are planning to cut down a lot, add beef to your diet plan!

7. Tea

Tea is the first stop, you should want to drink something other than water. If you want to actively reduce your weight, be sure to drink tea (unsweetened) and water!

Everything else blocks your fat burning, neither so-called "light drinks", fruit juices, discounter smoothies or soft drinks help you with your project finally take off. The spices and herbs contained in many varieties of tea increase fat burning and what is even better: most of them have a detoxifying effect.

So here come my best teas, which I can recommend to you:

• Green tea
• Lapacho tea
• Burning tea
• Rooibos Tea

In the meantime, there have already been more than 100 clinical studies with green tea confirming the medical effect. In one experimental group, fat burning increased by 17%

8. Pod fruits

Pod fruits give you fairly good fats and a whole lot of vegetable proteins. So if you do not want to eat meat, you have to go back to the pods, otherwise, your body will metabolize muscle mass, which would be FATAL! I personally prefer red beans.

Other fat-burning pods for weight loss are:

• White beans
• Peas
• Chickpeas
• Lenses
• Lupine
• Soybeans
• Platter pebbles
• Peanuts (raw, never roasted or heated!)

9. Cocoa

Often I look in amazed faces when I say that you can take with chocolate. Of course, I do not mean the scrap from the supermarket ... But you can easily make yourself chocolate, a recipe below.

A Japanese study suggests that increased cocoa consumption stimulates fat metabolism.What you can do with 3-4 teaspoons of pure cocoa powder per day in your body. The epicatechin contained in the cocoa imitates some positive effect, which also during the training takes place and which although not at all are trained.

Simply ingenious: One of these effects is that your muscles consume energy during exercise. It is therefore obvious that epicatechin will increase your fat burning because they do just that. My own experiences with cocoa confirm this! Do not buy a powder that has been poisoned with sugar or glucose.

Pure cocoa powder has few carbohydrates and many healthy fats (another positive effect), so look at the content! Gibts actually in the usual supermarkets.
A cool chocolate recipe for you to imitate:


• 75 g of cocoa powder
• 75 g of cocoa butter
• Milk powder
• Water
• Stevia


Put the cocoa butter in a metal bowl and heat it in a warm water bath. When the cocoa butter melted, add the remaining ingredients. After you have thoroughly mixed and tasted the sweetness with Stevia, you can fill the chocolate in a chosen form. After a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator, it is then beautifully firm and crisp Nuts and dried fruits are perfectly suited to the chocolate to create a personal touch.

I hope the article helped you a little. First and foremost, slimming starts in your head, you should not just read this, but change something. Simple changes can cause a lot.

For example, you may wish to:

Pay attention to the food you buy, that they have hardly been processed industrially. Ready meals are the LAST SCRAP and make you even fatter! The next thing which is extremely important is the liquid feed. Without enough water, your body will not be able to utilize all the important macro and micronutrients.

Imagine liquids like cars on the highway. Without cars, no human being comes along on the highway. You need water so your body can transport the important nutrients "to the right places"! This is how you can imagine the whole thing.
Healthy fats & foods with a healthy portion of protein you also need. The fats for the hormone production and the fat metabolism through the ceiling and the proteins to protect your muscles from catabolism!

What you also need is a portion of discipline, perseverance and the will to pull through! The first 2-4 weeks are the most difficult, but after that, healthy "fat burning" diet has become your personal diet and you burn without thinking about your fat pads.
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