How to Lose Belly after Pregnancy

Reconstruction: Belly away after pregnancy

Mom is getting fit! After pregnancy and childbirth begin the time of the recognition. With targeted exercises in the rehabilitation course, the abdomen gradually disappears.It is really hard sometimes to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

How to Lose Belly after Pregnancy

 During pregnancy and birth, your body has changed. "Reconstruction" means that these changes are now reversing. Through special rehabilitation gymnastics - in the regression course and in everyday life - the abdominal process can be promoted. The overstretched muscles of the belly, pelvis, and legs are thus restored, to their old form.

Tips for workout with baby

Regression after pregnancy:

 Reconstruction of the uterus
After delivery, mothers often look as if they were pregnant in the sixth month. No wonder, because the uterus (uterus) has increased 20 times during pregnancy. In the 40th week of pregnancy, the uterus has grown to a length of 30 centimeters and weighs about 1,000 grams. Although it diminishes directly after delivery, it takes about six weeks to reach its original size. The uterus is then seven to nine centimeters tall and about 60 grams. Not only the rapid estrogen and progesterone waste favors the degradation of the uterus, but also the hormone oxytocin promotes the recovery. It is increased by the sucking by the sucking and evokes afterward.

Reconstruction: Wound healing and weekly flow
The detachment of the placenta left a wound in the uterus. A wound secretion is therefore secreted until complete healing. This so-called weekly flow (Lochien) is particularly strong in the first days.
Incontinence after birth
In a week's bed, it may happen that you unintentionally release urine when you laugh or a cough. This stress incontinence is due to a weakened pelvic floor musculature. The symptoms disappear again when the muscles are strengthened with pelvic floor training. If you do not feel any improvement after six to eight weeks, consult your doctor or midwife for advice. By the way, regular intestinal activity is reduced in the period after birth. Movement, a lot of fluid and a diet rich in fiber stimulate digestion.

Fever after birth
Feety fever in the week's bed can have different reasons. An infection of the wounds in the genital tract is the most frequent cause of this - the so-called childbed fever. It is also possible to have a weekend flow congestion or an inflammation of the caeci-section wound or the seam seam. Talk to your doctor and have a look.

Tips and tricks for reconstruction:

Start of reconstruction
Already in the clinic, your midwife shows you exercises that support your recovery. After a complication-free birth, you can start with very light exercises for the basin floor from the third day in the week's bed. Important: Do not exaggerate. Even if the desire to get the belly away after pregnancy should be great.
Regression rate
Midwives, birth limbs, and even fitness studios offer re-training courses. You can start about six to eight weeks after birth. Pelvis, abdomen, and back - the muscle groups affected by pregnancy and childbirth are trained here. Most health insurance companies cover the cost for ten hours. Find out which course your health insurance company pays on what conditions.

Return to Kaiserschnitt
The reconstruction after Kaiserschnitt takes some more time. Even the stay in the clinic takes longer. Women who have given birth with an emperor's cut then need more intensive medical care. In the first four to six weeks you should do without physical exertion. In order to preserve your belly muscles and wounds, you will also start the rehabilitation course later. For a perineum, this also applies: Wait until the scar has healed.

Reflection with baby
Rehabilitation courses can be attended with or without a baby. Some providers offer childcare, while others do the exercises together with the baby. Small tip: Use the restoration course quietly for yourself. Give yourself the small break from the child, concentrate only on your own well-being and let the freshly baked dad play babysitter in the time.

How to Lose Belly after Pregnancy

Retraining at home
You can also do simple restoring exercises at home. They can even be integrated into everyday life: sitting, standing, lifting and lying. You can also move around in the fresh air. A walk is good for mother and child. This stimulates your circulation and the metabolism on the go.

Duration of reconstruction
How long does the reconstruction take? This question burns many mothers on the tongue. Unfortunately, it can not be answered at all. Although the uterus is re-formed after about six weeks, the body has not yet reached the old figure. It means: until your body is completely regenerated, your body needs as long as your pregnancy has lasted. Fact is: When the belly is off after birth and you have reached your old weight, it varies from woman to woman. Some mothers are already breastfeeding, others are suffering from a particularly sluggish metabolism. With strict diets and strenuous workouts, you should rest in the week bed. Just have a little patience! And do not panic: Even if pregnancy strips remain visible, they will fade with time.

How to Lose Belly after Pregnancy

Belly after pregnancy
A few words about the belly after pregnancy: In many women, the belly is still clearly visible after a pregnancy and also somewhat dizzy. This is quite normal and no reason to think about an operational tightening.

How to Lose Belly after Pregnancy

Your body has ultimately achieved peak performance during pregnancy. And just as a pregnancy takes nine months, your body needs nine months to recover. If you have patience with you, the stomach will go back significantly. Until then, you can conceal the belly after pregnancy - many women wear even more maternity clothing in the first months after birth.

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