How to lose weight fast for men!

No need for long-term diets and caloric tables - but you want to look a bit fitter and slimmer in the coming bathing season? Then try the 24-hour diet.Lose weight for men is big issue because of their working routine,its really difficult for men to lose weight.

Then how to lose weight for men? The lightning diet allows one to two kilos to melt within one day. The fat burning is cranked, the muscle mass remains untouched and "man" looks the same a bit better. We show how it works.

The Lightning Diet

Delicious food, a good glass of wine ... life consists of pure enjoyment. The side effects of the enjoyable and comfortable life are a small tummy and an intensifying inertia. Stop! With the 24-hour lightning diet, you bring your body back in front.
The inventor of the 24-hour diet is Prof. Dr. Michael Hamm, nutritionist and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Hamm is also the author of numerous dieticians, his diet methods also found recognition in specialist circles. The special areas of Prof. Hamm are dietetics, sports nutrition and nutritional physiology.

The prelude: sports on the eve

If you want to complete the 24-hour diet on Saturday, the actual training begins on the evening before, on Friday. And the prelude has it all: The  diet begins with at least an hour of intensive running, cycling, swimming. It is best not to eat for two hours before eating. After the workout is allowed to be added - but only with protein-containing foods without carbohydrates. The 24-hour diet has already begun.

Perseverance is in demand

The next morning, too, there is a protein-supple diet on the menu-e.g. an egg and a dark rye bread. The same applies to noon and night: the low-carbohydrate, protein-rich diet ensures that the fat burning is boosted. The carbohydrate stores of the muscles are emptied and fat deposits are attacked. Essential for the flash diet is also the adequate drinking of water or unsweetened teas, so at least two liters per day.
After breakfast, the next sports unit is already on the schedule - that is another hour of jogging, cycling or swimming. The 24-hour diet is also not without effort - it is effective. Do not loose your fat! On the next day, the reward comes when "Mann" is on the scales: According to Prof. Hamm are up to two kilograms less possible!

This routine helps to lose weight fast 

  • On the eve of the diet: eat two hours, then an hour of droughts, then protein-laden dinner
  • The next morning: a rich breakfast, followed by an hour of droughts
  • Day: protein-containing, low-carbohydrate lunch, in the late afternoon an hour of water sports
  • Night: protein-containing, low carbohydrate dinner
  • Spread at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea throughout the day!

Protein and sports

The  diet is based on a combination of high protein and low carbohydrate food and sports. As a result, the carbohydrate stores are emptied and the body is exposed to the combustion of stored fat deposits.
This opinion is in any case the sports physician Prof. Dr. Aloysberg from Freiburg:
"With the 24-hour diet, an enormous fat burning is achieved in a short time, which even rises to values ​​that have not yet been possible".
The high protein content in the protein-rich food ensures sufficient saturation and protects the metabolism-active muskeleton white - thus not muscles, but fat cells are attacked. Through the flash diet, small "sins", e.g. on the Christmas holidays, can be balanced quickly and purposefully, so that the weight settles back to the usual level.

The rapid weight loss can also be used as an initial stimulus to increase the motivation for sports and a conscious diet. During the study at the University of Freiburg, the subjects lost an average of 1.42 kilograms and the abdominal circumference decreased by up to 1.3 centimeters within one day.

The 24-hour diet as the initial inspiration for a sleazy life

Many dietary plans are canceled because of lack of motivation and visible success. The 24-hour diet is a great motivation thrust! If you already have a kilo less on your scales after a day of sport and a suitable diet, you will want more. Thus, the 24-hour diet is also seen as an initial stimulus in a healthier and slimmer life. Of course, the  diet can not only be a starting shot, but also a final sprint to a new way of life.

 For whom is the 24-hour diet suitable?

The 24-hour diet is suitable for those who want to get their bodies back on track in a short time, one day. Anyone who has a BMI, a body measure index between 18 and 30 can try the flash diet. However, the diet is advised against those who are heavily overweight or underweight. In order to be able to complete the diet program, you should also be very fit.

When is the ideal time for the diet?

Basically, you can start the diet on any given day. This is usually a work-free day, ie Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise there will be too little time for the extensive sports program. You can always use a 24-hour diet to reach or maintain your desired weight.

Why can I eat protein-rich foods and no carbohydrates?

The proteins are the weight loss joker: According to various studies, sufficient proteins in the diet increase the resting turnover. Nutritional suppleness in the food prolongs the subjective feeling of saturation and slows down the feeling of hunger.
As a result, protein and protein-rich food contribute to the success of the diet. Proteins are, in comparison to fats and carbohydrates, uneconomic energy suppliers. After protein-containing food has been absorbed, the body releases more heat than other nutrients. The energy expenditure to process proteins is higher.

What foods should I eat during the 24-hour diet?

  • Lowfat diet
  • Poultry
  • Eiklar
  • Rinderfilet
  • Chalets and cream cheese
  • Smill meat, medium fat
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Cut cheese, 30% fat
  • Milk
  • Eierteigwaren
  • Cod
  • Cooked potatoes
Hope this article is helpfull for men to lose weight fast by following simple steps which i explained in this article. Keep these points in mind .So, after reading this article you will no more say "How to lose weight fast for men!"
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