Why do people tend to gain more weight in the winter time?

Why do people tend to gain more weight in the winter time?

Why do people tend to gain more weight in the winter time?

September was the better of August, and he still reconciled us to the summer. But now comes the spring of winter. The days are getting shorter, the light hours less, the temperatures are falling, and some people are plagued by the melancholy. At this point, the "Mood Food" comes into play, also called mood food. It’s comforting power gains in importance with the beginning of the cool season.
"In the winter months, the body changes its preferences for food"
"During the winter months, the body changes its preferences for food, among other things. In winter you eat more carbohydrates, in summer more proteins. The fact that we bake Christmas cookies, therefore, may not only have traditional reasons, they are fast energy food, "said chrono-biologist Till Roenneberg. And added, "Most people are no longer used to living adapted to the seasons of the year. You want to be fit and active at all times. But that is a mistake because we live as biological creatures in the annual structure. Winter is a season in which we sleep longer. One should, therefore, try to give in to his need for sleep and also accept that one is tired and needs rest.


Our shorts and bathing suits have disappeared, our bodies covered. Did you notice any extra rolls on your stomach? Did you hide it under a wider pullover? We usually gain 1 - 2 kg (2-4 pounds) in winter. Why is that?

Why do people tend to gain more weight in the winter time?
In most cases, people feel a need to eat more to maintain the warmth of their body. Unfortunately, the white adipose tissue (the fat that is under the skin) stores the energy, while the brown adipose tissue (that we have from birth) burns the calories to warm the body. When gaining weight, only white fat is stored.

Below are reasons why we are gaining weight and advice on what to do differently this winter:
When it's dark and cold, we tend to stay home and surf the Internet. It's fun to watch favorite series and snack on snacks. Therefore, look for snacks that will not cause adipose tissue growth - a healthy cucumber or carrot sticks, or roasted zucchini strips dipped in seasoned or flavored yogurt.
  1. In winter, we tend to choose fatter, sweeter and higher calorie food. In the dark and cold, our mood is worse, so snacks quickly satisfy our cravings and we feel better.
  2. The wintry weather does not encourage us to shop, so what do we do when the fridge is empty? "Let's order something!" Unfortunately, this rarely provides a healthy meal like lean meat with brown rice and salad. It's mostly things like pizza, burgers or Chinese food. How to avoid this scenario? Keep a supply of brown rice, beans, peas, and lentils in the pantry and lean chicken breast in the freezer. Cook them, add healthy sauce from your pantry or salt and pepper with olive oil, stir with a bit of mustard - you have a healthy meal. No more excuses!
  3. Consuming food that contains a lot of simple carbohydrates (chocolate bar, white bread) will cause the blood sugar level to drop suddenly, triggering the appetite for the next snack. Remember! It will help you to eat a healthy snack next time.
  4. Are more protein and healthy fats! this energy source does not let your insulin levels fluctuate, so you can naturally lose weight. Eat many meals with high levels of zinc, such as Meat as well as fish, eggs, olive oil, nuts and lots of vegetables - avoid simple carbohydrates.
  5. It is already dark when you go home after work. You have planned training, but you are moving this to "morning". Unfortunately, we train less in winter than in summer. It's darker, colder and we have less energy. To maintain a good level, choose the activities you like the most. You do not have to decide on tens of kilos when benching presses in the gym. Choose groups to join and go with a friend so you can support each other.
  6. Drink less coffee in coffee shops. As it is colder outside we often choose a hot latte macchiato or mocha, usually with cinnamon or cream and sweet syrup. Tons of useless calories!
  7. Go to the outside! A low level of vitamin D (which is also associated with lower levels of calcium because you need vitamin D to absorb calcium) results in faster weight gain. Get dressed warm and go for a walk in good weather. Another solution - take vitamin D and calcium supplements.
  8. Good sleep is important! Research has shown that a lack of sleep leads to weight gain. The body has a higher cortisol level, which results in a higher blood sugar level. At night, if the insulin should not be excreted in the blood (in response to blood sugar), our body turns the energy (from sugar) into fat.

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