7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan

The 3 Common Mistakes If You Want to Be Slimming with Green Smoothies (+ 3 Green Smoothies - Slimming Diets)

7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan

Do you have the feeling that losing weight is difficult? Maybe you already drink green smoothies regularly. However, you are surprised that it just tumbled with you no kilos? Or do you want to increase the weight loss effect so that you lose up to 1.5 kg per week with green smoothies? Then you probably make one of the following 3 mistakes.

Mistake # 1: You're replacing breakfast and have barely had breakfast so far.
Green smoothies are often touted as a breakfast substitute. Unfortunately, that is not always the best recommendation. For example, if in the past you only had a small breakfast in the form of a roll and a coffee. This breakfast contains as many calories as a portion of green smoothie in the amount of 0.5 litres. Namely 150 to 300 calories.

7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan

Mistake # 2: You eat an extra snack that you have not eaten yet.
If green smoothies are consumed as a meal replacement, then a hungry feeling can quickly reappear. Either because you drank too little, took too small a portion or because the smoothie was not satisfying enough.

7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan

The result: You eat a piece of cake, a chocolate bar or some other snack in the afternoon that you have not eaten before. This destroys the natural calorie deficit and decreases less.

Mistake # 3: You want to replace two or more meals a day with a green smoothie.
If you drink green smoothies on a regular basis and only lose a very small amount of weight, then many people come up with an idea to simply replace more meals with a green smoothie.

I would not advise you in any case. Why? Green smoothies are low in fat and low in protein compared to traditional main meals. This is not a problem because you absorb these nutrients over the other meals of the day. Most of the time we eat too much fat and protein anyway. However, if you stroke another protein-rich dish of your day, the odds of food cravings and relapses increase dramatically. The sweet spot, with easy weight loss, minimal relapse and no yo-yo effect, is to replace a main meal. With that, my Challenge participants have had the best experience.

3 Simple Green Smoothies Recipes for losing weight

In order to start, I have put together 3 simple green smoothies for you to lose weight. Just use the appropriate recipe from the respective season.

 If you want more recipes, then take 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge.

1) Pineapple and orange bowl with mint to lose weight in spring
1/3 pineapple without stem and peel
1 1/2 oranges, peeled
1 head of romaine lettuce without stalk
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 fingernail-sized piece of ginger
2 stalks of mint
1 pinch of salt
250 ml of water
Make 1 L for 2 servings each.
7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan
2) Banana raspberry smoothie for slimming in summer
3 medium-sized peeled bananas
125 g raspberries or strawberries (frozen if not available)
150 g fresh baby spinach (frozen, if not available)
1 tablespoon of chia seeds, which have been soaked for at least 20-25 minutes
300 ml of water
Make 1 L for 2 servings each.

3) Apple-banana-lamb's lettuce smoothie for slimming in autumn/winter
2 apples or 2 pears
1 banana
125 g lamb's lettuce/pickle salad/lamb's lettuce or green salad of your choice
1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt for a full-bodied taste
250 ml of water
Make 1 L for 2 servings each.

Try it and let me know how they tasted you. Do you want more recipes? Then sign up for the free 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge.

3 tips to make green smoothies for losing weight

If you want to create your own green smoothies to lose weight, then note these 3 tips. The green smoothies do not necessarily have to have extremely low calories. Because they are already very low in calories since only fruits and vegetables and water are included. Nevertheless, the calorie content or the sugar content can still be screwed down a bit.

1. Limit or avoid sweeteners and fruit juices
Avoid white, refined table sugar and cane sugar completely. These foods are empty calories, so very calorie-containing foods without vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Also avoid the low-calorie birch sugar, agave syrup or honey, otherwise you'll turn your green smoothie into a sugar bomb. Ripe fruits, such as ripe bananas with black spots, have enough sweetness to create a savory green smoothie. As a sweetener, I recommend the stevia or 1-2 dates.

Furthermore: Water is the lowest calorie base fluid. Avoid using fruit juices or classic fruit smoothies bought at the supermarket as additional sweeteners. Even squeezed fruit juices, such as orange juice and fruit juice, are very sugary.

2. Reduce the fruit content and increase the green content
The majority of the calories comes from the fruit, or from the fruits. Reduce the fruit content to 30-40% and instead increase the proportion of green leafy vegetables. This will drive down the calorie content of your Green Smoothie even further.

3. Do not use canned fruit and superfoods
Sometimes it is tempting to use canned fruit. But do not use this sugar water-infused fruit as it will increase the calorie content of your green smoothies. Use frozen fruit in an emergency.

Also, limit yourself to the basics. In some situations, protein powder or Chlorella algae powder may be helpful, but for slimming green smoothies we want to limit ourselves to the absolute basic ingredients. You do not need expensive miracle products to reach your desired weight. The simplest ingredients work best in two ways: for your body and for your wallet!

7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan

Conclusion: How are you getting slim with green smoothies?
Replace your biggest main meal and do not change your eating habits. Do not eat any additional snacks that you did not eat before.
Drink only one green smoothie per day. Try to feed as healthy as possible, but otherwise, continue to eat normally. Do not exaggerate. Much does not always help a lot.
Mix simple green smoothies with rather fewer ingredients. You do not necessarily need expensive special ingredients. Even with the classic and inexpensive ingredients, the weight loss works.
Stay patient for several months. Slimming with green smoothies is slower than with other diets and diets, but there is no yo-yo effect. Besides, you do not have to do without sweets. Last but not least, you will be taking in all sorts of vitamins and minerals that will give you more health, well-being and energy in everyday life.

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